Mondays menu, veggie skewers

veggie skewersveggie skewersHey Loves, Happy Monday! This is a crazy easy recipe. In fact, it’s so easy I’m a little embarrassed to even call it a post. However, it’s to flipping easy and good not to share. So, here you go…we did these veggie skewers last night on the Bar-b-q and served them with Cardiff Crack from Seaside Market “literally it is crack, because its so addictive…you just want more.” Crack is a burgundy-marinated tri-tip and the flavor is PERFECTION. Brad bought almost six pounds, so we would for sure have extra for crack tacos tonight…yum, lucky me.

Keep in mind; if you don’t want to Bar-b-q, you can roast these veggies in the oven with or without skewers. I roast for about 20 minutes at `350. Use what ever veggies you want. I used mushrooms, purple onion, zucchini, yellow squash, red and orange bell peppers cut into as close to equal sizes as possible. I mix equal parts low sodium soy sauce and olive oil. Mix it together and brush in onto the skewers. If you’re going to roast them in the oven you can coat the veggies in a mixing bowl and poor them onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. For the Bar-b-q put the skewers away from direct flame and turn until cooked. Simple…right? Smooches and xoxo

veggie skewersBTW…so you know. Cardiff Seaside Market and Cardiff Crack (you can order here) are not paid advertisers. I’m sharing, because I want to and I want you to have access to the awesomeness and the things that I love.   Kisses and hugs…julie.xoxo, Julie

Easter ideas, in case you missed them

Easter Burlap and CrystalEaster table outside at the old house; yep, the one with a yard and space…and trees and and…Easter Burlap and CrystalBeep…beep, don’t let them eat me!The best carrot cake...everThe best carrot cake…ever!Easter flower arrangementCenterpiece inspiration with cuties.Easter burlap and crystalReady…set…go…eat!Easter table Burlap and CrystalThis Easter table was adorable and the brunch was off the charts good!Finger sandwiches for Easter, Burlap and CrystalLittle cucumber finger sandwiches cut like flowers…cute!fruite tarte cupsCan you say yum? Seriously….yum!xoxo, Julie

style in spring flower power

spring flower power 1Does the nesting bug ever go away? Or is it just me…alone with my “I’m bored with this in my head” and my ADD? I think this is about the fourth time this year I have changed our beach cottage living space. You would probably know better than me?

Any-who, getting to my point; I got all inspired with spring and decided to bring a pop of color into my life. My inspiration…the punch colored Gerber daisy. I don’t really know what color to call it. It’s like a coral-pink–melon kind of like the old Hawaiian punch from when we were kids.

One of my styling tips is to pull the color to three points in a room. So, no matter where you stand in a room the color connects in the three spots like a triangle. The triangle helps your eye move comfortably through the space and successfully brings the room together.
pops of colorI had The Painted Home book and found it to be the perfect color. As a reminder books are always great room accessories.pillowsYou know me…HomeGoods happened to have these pillow. I love the way the fringe matches my burlap channel sofa and seriously…the color is spot on. Target had the perfect melon tablephotobombxoxo, Julie