10lbs in 30 days, I’m doing this thing!

10 lbs me tennisHey Hey Loves, I hope you had an amazing three-day weekend? Mine was of course spent at the beach playing, eating and drinking. Thank goodness it was time to get back to work.

So, you remember a few weeks ago I posted about snacking and maintaining my weight? Well, this is absolutely 100% true, however what I didn’t mention is that I have been about 10lbs over my preferred weight for what I think is about 4 years now. I don’t gain and I don’t loose; it’s freaking FRUSTRATING and I’m over it!

Here is what I’m doing about it and you should join me. I would Love, Love that; “that is unless you are already the best you, you can be.” Let me start with…this is not an advertisement. This is an authentic personal investment in myself with a crazy amazing chick named Sara Christensen who after meeting her, I’m completely crazy about her and have total trust in her unique one on one personalized program.

Meet Sara Christensen, she is seriously as adorable, positive and encouraging as the picture looks. Crazy cute…right?DSC_2083-678x1024Registration for the 10lbs in 30 is only open until Friday the 5th, because we actually starts on the 7th “OMG,” and I think it would be a blast if you joined me, so we could do it together. We will all be able to support each other on the private FB group; cool…right?

Here’s how Sara Christensen is so successful helping each one of us individually. Sara’s 10 in 30 Program is a step-by-step plan plus daily accountability and motivation to drop 10 pounds in 30 days. The Program not only provides a flexible plan for eating and exercise, but also addresses the mind and soul factors that affect weight loss. You’ll get mix-and-match meal plans including easy-to-make recipes, coaching to discover the exercise that you love and want to do, and (most importantly) motivation and accountability. You won’t get frustrated and give up because Sara holds you accountable. She’ll give you a nudge or a big, loving push as you need it. A few of her clients say…priase.02.20 PM

me 10 lbs 30 suckOkay, so obviously I’m excited to start this thing. I plan to update you on my progress once a week on a post that will be called the weekend update. It would be fun to include you and your progress too, so let me know and jump in with me here. Smooches and I can’t wait to get started. Oh-and most important, Sara says I don’t have to give up my wine; this makes me smile!xoxo, Julie

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