20 things…

julie 1My daughter Lauryn (The Skinny Confidential) tagged me to do a 20 things post…so, here it is.

1. I’m always a work in progress.
2. I can throw a football better then most guys.
3. I wilt without sunshine.
4. I fell in love with Brad at first sight…seriously, I did and told him so; He was terrified of me and thought I was a total nut job.
5. I adore all four of my children, Mimi is my Peanut, Myles is my sunshine, Faye is my hero and Lauryn my sweetest inspiration ever. xoxo
6. I’m a Christian and love God in my life.
7. A bubble bath is my sanctuary and an almost daily requirement.
8. I’m a sucker for big baggy cashmere sweaters.
9. I have to stop and meet every puppy I see.
10. I’m happy to pay a fortune for good Belgium linen, high thread count cotton, boots and pillows.
11. There’s a side of me that wishes I could have lived the life of a hippie.
12. I look forward to Sunday dinners with Nanz.
13. My BF Susie and I met in front of the lockers our freshmen year and have been attached at the hip so long we act like an old married couple.
14. I cry with happiness when I see a baby’s gummy smile…literally, cry tears of sheer joy.
15. I’m a steering wheel bully.
16. Its funny Lauryn put her phone gives her anxiety, because her phone gives me anxiety too. Ha-ha…JK.
17. My favorite movie is the original an affair to remember.
18. I love to play and refuse to grow up.
19. I hate to empty the dishwasher and fold laundry…Hate it.
20. I’m scared of Aliens from outer space and ugly bugs.

There you have it…my 20. BTW, 20 is not enough to define me, but it was fun once I got started. Okay Erica of Fasionlush, tag…your it!xoxo, Julie

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  1. You and your Facebook page inspire me! I’m going to write 20 things about myself now and enjoy every minute! ..love your energy and spirit!

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