a few of my favorite posts for 2012 happy new year!

The year is coming to an end.  I know I’m ready for new beginnings and presume the same for you.  I am extending a wish for all of us to prosper in the 2013 year with our love, faith, family, health and well being in tact and thriving.  I have adored each and every day with each one of you and can’t wait to share the exciting 2013 year with you as well.  God Bless to all of you, Happy New Year! xoxo

A little glance back at a few of my favorite posts…My hand at Pickling Veggies…Fab finds, house vintage on Cedros…Farmers market while on a trip with y children…loved every minute!Tuesdays table for Easter 2012.A few of my favorite things, September 2012.Organic heirloom sandwich, one of my favorites.Tuesdays table for fathers day 2012.

The truth is, the list of favorites posts goes on and on.  However, each of these are surrounded with memories and I enjoyed doing them the most.xoxo, Julie

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