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Another week down and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.   I’m enjoying the the change in weather and the festivities of the Season.   We had our first big rain last week and it was such a thrill to see the sky open up and wet the ground.  I know I must sound crazy to half of the world, but as much as I know I am blessed to live in San Diego, I still long for a little change in the Season’s.  Rain gives me a hall pass to light the fireplace, grab a book or my coveted magazines, curl up and relax.  Everyday offers us gifts; look around and don’t let those gifts  pass you by without being thankful and recognizing all you have.  Make everyday an event!  Happy Friday and smooches to all.    {I’m obsessed with the limited edition Thomas’s English Muffin with       Cranberries.  I bought six and stuck them in the freezer. }

{The joy of seeing the Christmas tree lot lit up and ready for trees.  I’m so excited!}

{Finally, it’s cold enough to put cloths on Penelope.  Every girl needs a pink raincoat.}

{Happy Friday and is it creeping me again?  Love you Honey!}xoxo, Julie

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