a few of my favorite things

{I do love my Vera Wang shoes, but this is more about the beautiful leaves.}

It’s not hard to look around you and take a moment to appreciate little blessings along your way.  For my favorite things posts, I usually use pictures that I have taken during the week.  However, today was so full of little moments, that this is a perfect reflection of my day.   It’s always amazing me how good I feel when I take in a moment and let it light up my heart.  I hope for all of you to do the same.

It’s Friday and I’m on a mission to get the tree and bling- a-ling -a -ling the house. Have a fantastic and festive weekend.  Don’t forget to breath and take in the good around you…  Share with the rest of us what you discover? {Encinitas Surf on a gloomy day.  Beautiful, no matter what kind of day it is.}

{OMG, Whole Foods Market, breakfast in a box.  I can’t even tell you how excited I was this morning to discover breakfast in addition to awesome everything.}

{I drove right over the top of this to watch the surf this morning.  I didn’t notice it until I headed to my car.  It’s painted in the middle of the street.  I loved it!}

{Ola amigos, Penelope is sporting her new sombrero .  Mimi’s friend Lauren got it for her from her trip to Mexico.  So sweet Lauren, Thank You!}

{This sign is in my salon, Bombshell in Encinitas.  I had to take a picture, because this is the song I sang to Myles when he was a little boy.  I have a video of him at about 3 or 4 singing every single word.  Absolutely made my heart smile to think of it.}

{Adorable Melissa, my stylist at Bombshell.  She is getting ready to have her first baby, a girl.  I’m excited and grateful that I got to see her every two weeks while she was on her prego journey.  Melissa, you are adorable and you will be such a good Mommy.}xoxo, Julie

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