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Happy Friday!  I have my usual Friday high heading into a festive weekend. I still have that crappy cold, but I intend to make the most of the weekend, play Christmas music, work on gifts, bake and maybe even party a little.

It’s Pearl Harbor Day, a day of honoring the December 7, 1941 anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing.  Recognizing the day brought to mind my pearls, one of my favorite things.  I loved laying out the strands and enjoying the beautiful detail.  The large cream pearls, a gift from my sister who past away a couple of weeks ago.  I have always cherished them.  They were from a larger stand that she had made into three individual necklaces.  She gave one to me, one to my Mother and one to her daughter Bianca. The pearls help me feel such joy remembering her beautiful generosity and spirit. The seed pearl strand was my Mothers.  She was so stylish; she wore it as a belt with her wedding dress. The incredible black pearls with the pave clasp are a gift from my amazing husband.  I love you Honey!   Smooches my lovies and make everyday an event… xoxo  {How perfect is this little chandelier for me? I attached it with burlap; of   course.}

{the snoopy snow globe has been around forever and still fascinates me}

{Mimi and Lauren made cookies, adorable and delicious}

{My beautiful daughter Faye is away and may not make it home for Christmas. I put this little tree together for her with ornaments that are special to her. Then had it sent to her.}

{me, keeping my eye on you. Note the crap behind me.  The almost dead old Rudolf, Mimi’s Christmas quilt “not done yet”, there’s more, but that enough for now. xoxo}xoxo, Julie

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