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So excited to have a New Year!  I’m jazzed and on a mission to start off the new year with my God, my loves and my health in tact. It’s not heard to want to stay healthy with a daughter like Lauryn, (The Skinny Confidential) reminding the world and us on a daily basis how important health and exercise are to our well being.  Actually, Lauryn doesn’t politely remind us; she pretty much just kicks our ass and scolds us as if she was the parent…really, she does!  Brad and I just sit there taking it, like a kid who got caught climbing back into the bedroom window at 2:00a.m.; not that I know that look.  ;0)

So here we go.  Brad and I are planning on juicing every morning.  Juicing is not new to either one of us. We both have spots where we go to buy fresh veggie juice and I’m certain we still will.  However, the ritual of juicing at home is kind of fun for us. It makes us stop our frantic morning hustle and spend a moment together, “I’m loving it”!  The recipe, not that you need one…is below. {You must have a juicer of some sort.  Today Brad used celery, carrots, one red apple, spinach, parsley and cucumber with a touch of fresh ginger.}{Have a fantastic weekend! I have fun planned for next week with a site make over soon to follow, xoxo make everyday and event.}xoxo, Julie

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