a few of my favorite things

cedrosHappy Friday and “Yippee!”  Fridays have always been my favorite day of the week. The day when the whoosh, I survived mood comes over me and I can finally find time to relax, have fun and appreciate the little things…

Like a walk along Cedros, hand in hand with Brad leisurely meandering in and out of all the fantastic shops. The total inspiration I get when I see chalkboard paint displayed in every color, or the pure joy of perusing through endless design books, “my fav;” and this comes as no surprise, but I could never tire of Penelope; when she’s clean that is. “I find her completely irresistible.” (OMG, did I just sing that song?) Anyway, It really is the little things that make life big. Have a fantastic and eventful weekend.  Smooches xoxo

feet 2Yes, those are our feet, Brad and Julie and no, my feet are not as big as his…

design books at solo on cedrosSolo on Cedros has table after table of fantastic books. I could pitch a tent and stay all week…

message solo on cedrosI’m missing my friend Susie, this little message found at Solo on Cedros made me think of her.

chalkboard paint in every colorI’m loving all the shades of chalkboard paint available at House Vintage, also home to Debis Design Diary.

penelope cleanphotoYes, this is another picture of Penelope.  Sorry, I’m obsessed with her…xoxo, Julie

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