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macaroonsAbove, my first try at cocoanut macaroons and OMG, they were the Bomb-dizzle!

Friday at last… It’s all about the Oscars for me this weekend. I’m crazy about all the awards shows, but especially the Oscars. The excitement started for me when I was a child. My parents always hosted a big deal party. Everyone came over dressed in evening gowns and suits. Cocktails and tray pass appetizers were everywhere. Everyone had a blast and I just cherish the memories. I don’t go to the same effort my parents did, but I do always gather family and a few friends to watch from start to finish while we mark our ballots and of course, drink a little wine and a few margaritas.  If you need a ballot, go to this link to print one.pine conesSpring will soon be here and I will put away my sparkling pine cones. I’m enjoying every last minute with them. When I light the candles that surround them, the twinkle in the night.

round treesI have always had an affection for topiary trees. These trees are so adorable. They look like lollipops. organic c creamMy current obsession, organic vitamin c found at Whole Foods. I don’t know if I look any better, but my skin loves the way it feels and smells.oscar 2013 ballotClick this link to print the ballots.  Have a wonderful weekend and may the best movie win!xoxo, Julie

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