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apple blossomHappy Friday!  I’ve been a little laid up all week with a tweak in my back from moving furniture. I got a wild hair last Friday night to flip around my furniture. I’m loving my sofa next to the fireplace and my chairs under the art. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a little change to freshen up the way you feel about a space. I’m happy with the change!

Spring is definitely in the air around our house. The apple blossoms are blooming, the orange trees are bursting and the grapefruit tree is simply over stocked.  Just moving around our home, snapping pics of the my beautiful blooming trees, it’s pretty obvious that some of my favorite things are the things that I love so much outside and in…Like the perfect shade of sky blue, a small touch of pink, or the colors of citrus in our giant fruit paintings.  Yep, I love spring, blue sky’s and most of all my comfy home.  Smooches to all and make it an eventful weekend!citrus in the house grapefruitorange treeorange vacexoxo, Julie

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