a few of my favorite things

A few of my favorite things has become one of my favorite posts.  Instead of focusing on the things I want or need, it makes me stop to appreciate the things I  have.   Like the colorful picture above.  I bought this from a local artist and gave it to Brad.  Not only do we both love it, but it is completely screaming (happy, happy Murphy).

Or this Pottery Barn bowl filled with what ever I can find to put in it.

I light these candles almost every night.  I love candles!

This dish sits on my bedside table.  I use it as a coaster.   It was my Mothers.  She had this on her beside table for a long as I can remember.  I treasure it.

Our antique sombrero collection.  Brad and I collected these together as we traveled through Mexico.  We have two others, one that greets me at the front door and the other hangs in the hall, along with our family pictures.   I love them, they remind me of my  time with Brad and there is just something perfectly whimsical about them .

xoxo, Julie


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