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magnify glassFriday at last…gasp…sigh…grrr, said the chick with the bad attitude.I know; I can hardly believe it myself. That’s me with the bad attitude.   Just being honest with ya…not the greatest week, month or year for me.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but sometimes I just have a little pity party temper tantrum and then get over myself… I feel better all ready just venting.   Thank you for being here!  Smooches and smiles…

A few of my favorite things, appreciating my Son Myles for his hilarious instagram using the magnify glass. We all had to jump in and create what might just be next years Christmas photo, (see my instagram) the family that plays together, stays together.   My time with Mimi, boots on the grass in the rain, me snapping pictures “if I could only do that all day” and the Mommy humming bird in the grapefruit tree (look close, you can see the babies beak).  Sooo precious!

julie and mimijulie behind the lenshumming birdxoxo, Julie

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