a few of my favorite things

julies flowersMy giant azalea bushes outside my window are crazy beautiful and buzzing with bee activity.house beautifulNew issues for weekend curl up cozy reading. Mimi’s browning are for right now…Yum!bling ice bucket scoopThe ice bucket scoop on our bar, it’s so pretty and has tons on bling… It’s one of my favorite gifts from Mary “xoxo smooches and love.”mornings with mimiMy mornings with Mimi…I never want them to end. She turns 16 this year and won’t need me to get her off to school. It goes too fast…please don’t let me get all lazy and sleep through mornings.pink flowersThe azalea bushes are so bountiful, I have floating flower bowls, vases and glass all over the house.julie burlap and crystalThat’s me…Happy Weekend!  Smooches and make every day an event.xoxo, Julie

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