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Whole foods cakeOkay, so here we go again…(I can hear the song playing in my head) Happy Friday! No surprise, this week is a big blur! I feel like I’m spinning in a circle and not getting anything done. Hello…am I alone? Please tell me know. Tell me you have days, weeks or months (not years) like this?

Any-who, it always grounds me and helps me to put things in perspective when I have to stop and appreciate my favorite things. So, here is my latest. I have always loved specialty markets. However, the new Whole Foods Market in Del Mar, California is flippen fantastic; and might I just add, well worth the wait. You will leave with everything and a lot less change in your pocket. Be sure to save enough cash to get the best cup of tea or coffee at the Pannikin a few steps away and check out the eye candy in my pics…

This weekend do something out of the ordinary. Really! Do something that makes you excited when you’re done! I will too… xoxo and smooches.Whole foods market pineappleWhole foods marketWhole Foods flowersWhole foods cheese barWhole Foods Market Del Mar Californiaxoxo, Julie

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