a few of my favorite things

garden state beagleSo, my week sounds something like this…what to do, what to do and then what to do about that? All the while Mimi just wants to go to Cabo for spring break “OMG” and in addition, I hear her voice saying can I drive…okay, but really Mom, can I drive every 10 minutes? Oh and Mom I need $$$$ for Cabo and my off campus class, gymnastics and Acai at $8.00 a bowl every day or so. Myles is talking about a small tattoo. I’m not certain that he and I share the same concept of small or the necessity of tattoos for the matter.  Brad…well, Brad is Brad “Love you Honey”. Meanwhile Brad and I have decided to leave the house and remodel behind and move onto something that will simplify our lives. Seriously!

Having said all that…here are a few of my favorite things. It’s amazing what you love, when you feel you may have to leave it behind or box it up.  My Garden State Bagels that is so yummy and just around the corner, I savored every bite. Mimi’s adorable room…so sweet! The little finch that has been throwing it’s self into our window repeatedly for at least the past four days. I keep asking him to come on in, but he just body slams the glass again. Penelope keeps jumping in my purse; I think she’s afraid I will leave her behind or even worse pack her in a box.  Lastly, but not least (Honey) our wedding photo with all the love surrounding it.   Appreciation, love, patience and faith; have a wonderful Easter weekend. Smooches and xoxoxoMimi's roomgrumpy birdPenelope in a pursewedding photoxoxo, Julie

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