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baby breathHappy Friday! As you know, a few of my favorite things is always my favorite post of the week. Stopping to appreciate simple little every day things that surround me makes me feel grateful and appreciative for all the blessing, big and small that God has sent my way. Above, the last of yesterdays event flowers, a little babies breath with tall grass.  I have never used babies breath as a focal point…I love the simplicity.target drapesWith the cottage we just moved into being a lease, I don’t want to make a big investment in custom anything. I made a quick little stop into Target today and just about screamed with excitement to find amazing drape panels that will work perfectly in the room. “Most importantly…make the ugly paint disappear”. Fabric sample on my camera..Cool right?Pear candleThe dogs sleeping at the front door does leave behind the best morning smell.  My new candle find Pear gets lit first thing. Yum, much better than stinky dog.  little hermit crab creature cookiesI had to literally run to the store and come up with the creation at 9:00 last Sunday night. Mimi had a school report on metamorphosis and wanted to make cookies that looked like flying bugs. All good until we realized the gas oven in our little cottage would not ignite. This is the best I could do…LOL, they look like hermit crabs. (Maybe I will do a post for you if you want to know how)?sun chairsA little spot in the sun... Smooches love-es and make it the weekend eventful!  xoxoxoxo, Julie

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