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better homes magazineHappy Friday!  I had a totally projective week. I’m a constant work in progress that includes working on my health and fitness. If you read my post earlier this week, you know that trying on skimpy bathing suits for Susie was an eye opener that I need to kick my own ass and get ready for bikinis. That sent me perusing my mags for great salad recipes…stay-tuned lots of those ahead.

Getting into a bikini means leaving my dark secret…a daily donut behind; But, not until I had one last one on Tuesday.  With each week come small things or moments I like to stop and appreciate, even a  perfect donut. It always makes me realize how lucky I am and grateful for everyone and everything. God bless to all of you. Have wonderful weekend and make every day an event…

powder sugar donuteOne last indulgence before I start my bikini work out routine that will not include any VG Donuts for a long time. Sad face…whimper-whimper.water infused with limeMy new program requires lots and lots of water, but I get board with water, so I infuse my water with limes and a dash of truvia. You don’t see pictures of me working out, but trust me I’m on it…bluberry yougurtI adore this little cup I found at Home Goods. It makes eating yogurt instead of my dark secret donuts much more enjoyable. on top of my dresserThe jewelry I wore a few days ago. Each piece was given to me from each one of my daughters. The gorgeous lavender stone bracelet and green stone ring from Faye (JNB Style), the black pearl bracket from Mimi (a gift she bought in Hawaii) and the black and gold circle from Lauryn  (The Skinny Confidential).  I love leaving them out to great me each day along with my precious picture of Myles when he was little guy. I love my children so much! I am blessed… Mimi and Torrey Pines FriendsMimi and the Torrey Pines gang.  All adorable!Julie and BradWith the cottage comes walking the dogs 4 times a day. The mornings are may favorite with hubby Brad, Murphy, Clyde and of course Ms. P as in Penelope. xoxo Have a fab weekend. xoxo, Julie

  1. Love the Candlewick bowl. My mom has a full set of 12 place settings plus wine, water, and champagne glasses. I’m pretty sure she even has serving pieces.
    They belonged to my dad’s mother.

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