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chanel floral arrangement

I feel like it’s pretty safe to assume that Mimi (my little peanut; she hates that) will not be reading the blog today.  Therefore, I will show you the flowers that she will wake up too. Super cute idea I found on Pinterest. 

It was a great week; filled with activity and moments of appreciation.  I/we connected with a cherished friend (Barbara) and made new friend (Adam). It’s just to cool when things happen for a reason and all involved know the reason why.  I’m sending love to all of you for a safe and beautiful weekend.  xoxo

mimi Mimi was such a sweet little peanut. She has turned into a beautiful you girl. I’m crazy about her and so proud to have her as a daughter. xoxoxmurphy need a new bedDon’t be obvious Murphy…we get it, you want a new bed…again. Geeez!Gerbers and tulipsGerber’s and tulips for Mimi’s Birthday dinner. I will post the pics next week…MylesMyles is one of my favorite things on earth, but you get why I don’t post pictures of you, right? Another Geeez, just say cheese MYLES!PeoniesMy personal favorite flower on the face of this earth, Peonies. I love-love-love having them in my home.the boysThe boys annual tennis match to ring in Brandon’s Birthday, za-za-za!  Happy Birthday Brandon! xoxo, Julie

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