a few of my favorite things

bananas ana raw honey{a new late night snack obsession, bananas with peanut butter, raw honey and cinnamon, “OMG-delish”}

Friday at last! I don’t know about you, but for me the summer is just going by way to fast. It’s August already…really? It was just June. What happened to July? Before I know it September first will be here. Having said that and recognizing my summer slipping away; I’m determined to get out and play this weekend. In fact today is so beautiful, I’m heading to the beach, but not without sharing a few of my favorite things. I’m sending you my love and wishes for you to have beautiful weekend, filled with many moments that make each day an event. Smooches xoxo desk tray{my new chevron desk tray to hold little inspirations and my camera}organic produce{fresh organic produce delivered to our home from farm fresh toyou.com, Thank you farm fresh to you, the produce was amazing! I hoping the little pink fedora will serve as a replacement for the one that blew off my head on the 4th of July.}hatbrad julie mylesPicMonkey Collage{a fun night with my true love, Brad and how cute is my Myles with an edited on mustache? He makes me smile.}me at the beach 10 (1)xoxo, Julie

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