a few of my favorite things

Oreos{OMG why-o-why are Oreos in the house? MYLES! There are some things I just cannot resist. Oreo oh Oreo, how I love thee}

It’s Friday at last! I can already hear Jimmy Buffett in my head…it’s 5:00 somewhere. We don’t have any huge plans for the weekend, so I’m hoping for beautiful beach weather that will include a little bike ride, smash ball and reading. All this sounds much better than trying to finish some of the projects I didn’t get to this week…like cleaning out my desk area or prepping the guesthouse for company. I’m completely cool with leaving projects undone when the weather is screaming…come play in me. If the weekend turns out to be gorgeous, I will post some pics on Sunday. Before I run off to play, herer are just a few of my favorite things. I’m hoping all of you have a beautiful and restful weekend. Smooches and xoxoLumene{I’m currently obsessed with Lumene vitamin C products. I’m on my fourth jar of Vit-C capsules. What’s really cool about the capsule is the “C” is light sensitive, so the individual portions one offer the perfect dose and two protect the “C” from light damage. The night cream delivers a ton of moisture and the BB cream is the best I have found. Lumene is available at Ulta.}style board{I love working with new clients…especially clients that love color and have no fear. Roxy, I’m working on your board and love your flare. xoxo}Myles made me a turtle{The sweetest little turtle ever. This little love has been with me for almost 15 years. It was a gift from my son Myles when he was 5. I absolutely adore it…like it brings tears to my eyes.}me 1xoxo, Julie


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