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halloween decorHello…Happy Friday! Wosh after last weeks drama with Mimi…can I just tell you; I’m happy to be heading into a weekend without worry. We are heading out to see Gravity tonight and grab a little dinner. This is a huge reward after a three-day juice cleanse that Brad and I just finished. I’m planning on eating and drinking…!

Before I head out I wanted to share a few of my favorite things. The simple little pleasure that did not go unrecognized during my week. Below a totally festive neighbor just up the road goes all out with the Halloween décor. I wish I could have captured the big picture for you, but they were outside and I felt a little like a stalker. In addition to the mummies, spiders, crawling skeletons and creepy trees, they also have real looking zombies peering out some of the windows “CREEPY” in a totally cool way.

Enjoy every minute of your weekend. Do a kind act for someone; like let them go ahead in line, or buy the person behind you a cup of coffee. It’s amazing how rewarding someone else actually gives you the greatest reward of all…Smooches and xoxospookyelephant candle{My new little candle sitting on my desk. It’s my little white elephant.}pink flower{The only hybiscus flower on the bush…just so happens to be amazing!}Penelope{My new Head tennis bag from my sweet husband, I love it! Apparently Penelope does too. She jumped in it when she was ready to go.}xoxo, Julie

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  1. Hello Julie,
    It’s always a pleasure to read your posts! How nice it is to take a little well deserved time off from all the worries…

    That house looks creepy and my girls would be scared to have mummies and huge spiders hanging on
    the walls of the neighbor’s house ! However your Penelope looks adorable ! We have a 1 year old shi-tzu 😀

    Have a wonderful day,
    XOXO Sherri

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