a few of my favorite things…

revlon Parfumerie{I’m obsessed with Revlon Parfumerie in bordeaux…perfect color and such an adorable bottle}

Happy Friday! I had an amazing week filled with wonderful people. Everywhere I went this week people were all about making conversation. It was a blast! Of course it does help to have a dog as a wing man/women to create the safe opening for talking. When Brad and I are with Murphy…well, everyone loves a Labrador and Murphy is such a Romeo; no one can resist his charms. Penelope equally has her wing women status with her four LB’s demeanor, those dark eyes, that button nose and her come hither…your come to me…I don’t come to you. She has a beguiling way that works every time.

I guess what I’m saying is, lucky us…we get the privilege of spending part of our time here with our four legged gifts from God. “What an honor.”  Take the time to appreciate the sweet blessings they bring our lives! Smooches and paws smooches too..
Pottery barn candles{My new Pottery Barn wood sparkle candles to add to my “don’t have a fireplace” bowl}

flowers on my table{ I have no clue what these are, but I love them}fountain{my sweet little fountain for the beach cottage…loving the trickle of water sound}dogs 2{Need I say more…Murphy the love and “P” in my face…or phone}xoxo, Julie

  1. Hi Julie!
    Oh you are so adorable and optomistic It’s so pleasant to have people like you in our lives ;-D In my life!

    We also adore our Shi-tzu Nicky, she is just so faithful! My hubby and I are spending a romantic week end in Zuerich, it’s really nice to have “alone time”, we live in the county in the French part of Switzerland…

    I will be trying the white pumkin with foil and glittered pinecones , that is a wonderful idea, never seen that before!

    Have a wonderful fun week end Julie and thank you so much for all your positive Spirit!
    Your friend Sherri XOXO

    1. Hi Sherri,

      I look forward to your comments…thank you! I also have to say where you live sounds so interesting and beautiful. I think you should start a blog? I want to see Nicky and the French part of Switzerland. Grown up time alone is so important. Enjoy and sending you love. xoxo

    1. Kimm,

      Thanks so much. I was just talking about you the other day with Brad. I hope all is well and yes, I’m crazy about our Dogs; in fact…all dogs. xoxoxo

  2. Hello Julie,

    So how was your busy week end ? Talking about the bunch of people who were coming to San Diego? (And I saw the weatherforecast was looking good for Southern California!?!?

    You are so sweet ;-D Vince “my hubby” has been telling me for a while to start a blog … He says : with all the time you spend on the computer you should start a blog! However I don’t exactly know how it all works…

    After our week end getaway, the kids and dog & cat 😉 were all happy to see us… And we had a wonderful time just the 2 of us being kids again …lol…

    Have a very good Monday Julie, bisou Sherri XOXO

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