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Roses from BradHappy Friday!  I never like to let a week end without recognizing some of the many blessings that came my way. Like a dozen pink roses from Brad for absolutely no reason (or, maybe this was an apology?).  Apology accepted Honey. A sweet morning cup of tea with Momo by the fire in a charming little cafe. The treasure of a visit from my Daddy (yes, I still call him Daddy) and Audrey. Or a cherished visit from  Aunt Bev and Uncle Jim, otherwise know as (Bev&Jim), because they are one of those amazing couples that are so one that their names mush together.  I’m loving life and hope you have a blessed weekend!  Smooches xoxotea with Momo{Tea with Momo…Susie, we missed you.}.my flying pig{My sweet flying pig loves watching me cook and always offers me a smile}Mary and Audrey{Audrey with Penelope and Mary aka Nanzie with slipper}the family{From left, Uncle Jim, Brad, Me, Daddy, Audrey and Aunt Bev…xoxo Dinner at The Chart House}.xoxo, Julie

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