a few of my favorite things

Happy HolidaysGod, Family, Friends and the Holiday season; all are my favorite things and memories. The traditional hunt for the Christmas tree gets a smaller family pull every year. I guess this is the way God transitions a parent for the passing of the baton.  It’s down to just Myles and Mimi still home. I don’t want it to ever end! So, I choose to cherish every minute. Smooches and big xoxo to you!Christmas tree hunting{Finding the right tree is absolutely a whole family effort. We must all stand by it and agree…this is the one.}myles and brad{And when we don’t agree…things can get pretty ugly}Christmas tree{There she is. A perfect cottage tree}leaving the dog in the car{Penelope did not get to voice her choice…she looks a little pissed?}The family{Sending you my love and Thank You! xoxo}xoxo, Julie


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