a few of my favorite things

ear buds{Christmas was the bomb dizzle at my house. I wanted to share some of my Christmas gifts with you.  I’m loving my gold ear buds from my daughter Lauryn, The Skinny Confidential}meagan{This is such a precious hand made ring and gold leafed note pad from Meagan. I’m so touched by the thoughtfulness and her creative presentation is just too cute to take apart. It’s so special…I love it!}target beanie{I know I live on the beach in California, but it gets ass biting cold at night. My daughters Faye of Evillarts and Mimi dialed me in with a comfy warm scarf and beanie for my night time walks into the village.}dry bar{OMG…I got one! Only the best blow dryer…ever, Dry Bar from my daughter Lauryn xoxoxoxo}Its a nice life beanie{How cute is this little beanie from my son Myles? Too cute!}sees peanut clusters{ Nanzy reads my blog and has been on a search for peanut clusters from See’s for me…she found them, yum! xoxo}lush.com{I wish you could smell this bath bomb from Lush.com. It’s divine!}holding horses bag{I’m smitten with my new bag from Anthropologie. Penelope seems to approve as well. Have a beautiful weekend!} smooches xoxoxoxo, Julie

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