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pink roseHappy Friday! I hope all of you had a wonderful week; I did. I’m a January baby and for years I felt slighted on my Birthday, because when my B-day rolls around everyone…I mean everyone is burnt out from all the holidays, New Years hoop-la. Well, I’m happy to report that I think I finally have everyone trained. My Birthday is now a big deal and carries on for several days. Yesterday was my actual Birthday and I woke up to one sweet surprise after another. Tonight my daughter Lauryn is hosting a cocktail get together followed by a stroll to dinner. I’m looking so forward to it. In fact I can hardly wait! No big plans for tomorrow. However, Sunday is Charges vs Broncos and that is going to be a blast…Go Charges!

Are you a football fan? I would love to know your take on the remaining season? Do share please and have an awesome weekend! Smooches xoxo
1 dozen birthday roses{Brad had this beautiful bouquet of pink roses with a cute red heart balloon waiting for me when I woke.}dollops{My thoughtful and amazing son Myles knows me so well…he got me these adorable little dollop and bliss jars as well as my favorite candle ever, Volcano in a cool copper canister.}copper candle{Susie and Momo took me to breakfast and brought me the beautiful bouquet of flowers. It happy, like me.}Birthday flowersxoxo, Julie

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