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MimiHappy Friday. I hope your week was filled with amazing moments. I had the most fabulous day today, but the week didn’t start off that way. If you were with me last week, you know that Mimi was headed to Mammoth with her friends for four days. Well, she had a blast and I had one of the scariest nights I can remember having…ever!  Continue reading the story below.Torrey Pines MimiClick more for the story…Mimi had decided to come home a day early and was expected home around 11:00PM. I had fallen asleep and woke up around 1:00AM to discover she was not home yet. No phone call from her and no text message (well-dah). I began calling, texting, calling friends, calling parents, texting parents and absolutely not one person was responding. By 3:00AM I was in a complete state of sick fear and worry. It’s a long drive from Mammoth and a couple of years ago we lost some beautiful children from our community on the same road. My head was spinning with possibilities and I began praying…hard! Finally around 3:30AM one of Mimi’s friends was able to tell me who was driving, but was not positive they were back in town. From that point forward I sat on the sofa with my white-knuckle grip on my phone and every few minutes glancing outside for any slight movement or worse, a uniformed officer approaching our door. It was 6:20AM before one of the parents Mimi was traveling with reached some of the kids and found out that Mimi had fallen asleep right after they returned. Mimi had texted my phone and then her phoned died (I did not get the text, it was in never-never land). For the first time in in 6 hours, I could breath. In my gut, I think I knew everything was going to be okay, but that doesn’t really keep the worry from overwhelming you.

I guess the reason I’m sharing is this. As a parent the what if is something you really can’t grasp until it’s in your face. I had many of Mimi’s friend’s numbers and parent’s number, but I really needed access to every single one of them. I didn’t have details, like what cars they were traveling in. What make, model and color? What roads were the specifically driving home on? I’m just passing it on. Your children may think you’re a crazy lady for getting all the information, but that’s okay. Be a well-informed Crazy-Lady and rock it! Smooches xoxo

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