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MimiHappy Friday…at last! It’s been another crazy week and I know we are all ready for a little rest right? LOL, as if weekends are ever restful, especially for a Mom. Any-who weekend here we come and I try not to say goodbye to a week without taking a moment to reflect and appreciate the small moments and blessings that came my way.

My precious Mimi sent a selfie from Cobo on her spring break and I was thrilled to get it, because I worry…a lot.” I prayed for her safe return everyday. As a parent it’s hard to send your child out of the Country without you and if Mimi’s spring break was going to be anything like the spring breaks I went on well…”I would never have let her go.” However, I have great faith in Mimi’s judgment and even greater faith in God. Mimi is home safe and this weekend we will celebrate Easter together with our family and friends. From my home to yours, I’m sending you wishes for a beautiful holiday weekend and may you have your family, friends and love around you. Happy Easter, Smooches xoxo
roses{I didn’t realize how much I missed my rose garden from the old house, until I saw this rose bush and had to buy it. Today I have four blooms, it’s beautiful and makes me smile.}
apple tarte{Yep, here I go again. I have a new obsession with apple tarts from a local bakery and yep again…I had two this week. So, much for getting into that bikini next week}daisey{I love the simplicity of daises in water pitchers…simple and sweet.}casual dinner{We had a blast with our friends Eric and KK aka Kenda along with Mary for a casual dinner followed by too many margaritas and a movie.  Sometime is nice to go simple. Stay home and let home be a place you can have fun. xoxo KK}xoxo, Julie

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