a few of my favorite things

{My Crane & Co Stationary, it is so me, I can hardly stand it.}

Happy Friday!   I love Friday evenings!  There is this overwhelming excitement that comes over me about 4:30 when I realize, “woop woop” it’s a Friday.  I get to party.  I’ve got two days off…  You have to kind of hum along as you read, it’s a Friday, la la la.  I hope you get me, so I’m not the only one humming?

Each week comes and goes and along with it I try to take time to appreciate the small little pleasures that surround me.  Here are just a few of my favorite things.   Make everyday an event.  smooches xoxo      {My indulgence on the go. A mini doughnut and non fat late, Coffee Bean}

{The color on my toes, OPI.  I don’t have big enough glasses to read the whole name, but it starts with, my very first …}

{My adorable emery board from Papyrus}

{My moms hanky.  I miss you Mom}

xoxo, Julie

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