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mom{Myles gift to me for Mothers Day…I love it!}

WOW…what a week! I love living in California on the ocean, but the earthquakes and firestorms are so frightening. I hate to say I’m used to either, but this is the third time I have been in the fire zones and this is the only time we did not have to evacuate. That’s not to say I don’t have a bag packed and special possessions within arms reach, “because you bet-cha I do.”

Each time the fires come, we have to consider what is most important; of course our lives and pets, but what else? Jewelry, Stock certs, family treasures and clothes? Have you ever thought about what you would take if you had to leave most everything behind? My list goes something like this.

1. Myles medical supplies and quick snacks in case he gets low
2. Photo’s…all the photos I can fit in the car
3. Videos when all the kids were babies, and our wedding video
4. Computers and cameras
5. The picture Mimi made
6. Water and bowls for the dogs
7. Cell phones, charges and car charges (I actually have an earthquake kit with most of these items).
8. A few clothes for everyone and comfortable shoes
9. Toothbrush, baby whips, a blanket and pillow for everyone
10. Jewelry, my mother’s book and small treasures from family and friends
11. And if I have time, important documents, passports, bank cards, taxes etc.

I guess my point is this; when you really look around “I mean really look” and have to consider leaving it all behind…the things you pack are of no value to anyone else, but those few precious items hold an irreplaceable value to you. It’s amazing how little value our purchased possessions hold when we have to choose whats important!

succulant{Meagan and her sweetness made this for me along with the yummy candle below xoxo}Lush{My precious Mimi gave me lush bath and even shared half a breakfast burrito with me}Nordstrom card{Okay, I need to add gift cards to the evacuation list. Such a generous gift from Lauryn and Micheal}candle blue{I am blessed! Smooches xoxo}xoxo, Julie


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