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speg sqaushOh-yes…it’s Friday! We have another beautiful beach weekend ahead and I can hardly wait to get sand between my toes. Is it just me or is Friday like the best day of the week? Even though I know longer run a corporate business, I still manage my time by utilizing the disciplines from my corporate years “BTW, in case I haven’t mentioned it…I don’t miss being the boss and with the exception of a few, I don’t miss the people either.” Now that is a liberating feeling!

Any-who, blessing and small pleasures come our way each day and in this case week. We have a choice to acknowledge them or simply let them slip away. I know I give you this reminder from time to time, but seriously; you will get so much pleasure out of everyday if you just take the time to appreciate everything you have. I consider you my friends and I want you to be Happy! What little blessing came your way this week?
hydrangiaAbove a quick spaghetti squash with pesto and balsamic marinated tomatoes…yum! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite blooms. When I was little my house had gorgeous bushes of them lining the front. My Mother loved them and well…I love them too. teaMy client turned me on to this tea and of course, I’m now obsessed. She understands the struggles I have with my illness and suggested I drink it because; it contains so many healing ingredients. I think you can find it at just about any health conscious market.Lauryns giftMy daughter Lauryn celebrated her Birthday a few weeks ago and this is the gift I put together for her. Inside is amazing organic coconut soap. I knew she would love it. I wrapped it in a hanky that belonged to my Mother and then added the turquoise ring that belonged to my Grandmother who BTW lived to be 104 years old. Lauryn loved it and I loved giving it to her!IMG_3601How adorable is Mimi? If you’ve been with the blog for a while, you’ve seen her almost grow up. This weekend we will celebrate Mimi’s 17th Birthday. Any Mom would agree with me; the love you have for your babies is almost impossible to describe. However, that’s not to say I won’t give it a try. Until you have children, you have not truly tapped into your full love capacity. From that first gummy smile to the beautiful person they become, your love capacity just gets bigger and bigger; “It’s Awesome.” Happy Birthday Peanut, my love run-ith over! Smooches and xoxoxoxoxo, Julie

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