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she designed a life she lovedHey Loves…happy weekend! Don’t you just crave a weekend that doesn’t have a plan? I mean, like one of those weekends before you had kids and maybe you were between boyfriends and you could just stay in bed until noon, ware jammies all day, watch old movies, give yourself a facial, take a nap, wake up at 4:00, order a pizza, poor a glass of wine, draw a bubble bath and hit the sofa with a sexy book. I don’t know about you, but that kind of day sounds divine to me?

And then on the other hand, it’s Saturday and well…there is tennis to be played, the guesthouse to clean, the beach to be sat on with my sweet husband, line dancing with friends tonight, aspirin to be taken for my overdoing the margaritas last night, time to be spent with my beautiful children that I am completely obsessed in love with and a frame to be purchase for my doodle above (it’s for my best friend Susie. It’s totally her, happy, optimistic, courageous and vibrant. It is exactly how she lives her life).

Okay…on that note, I’m off and running into another beautiful, busy and fun filled weekend. Smooches and God Bless to you! xoxo

IMG_4040{A sweet and sad moment with Mimi and Jenna after Jenna’s graduation. They have been raised like sister and Mimi still has her senior year ahead of her without Jenna. Wow, I’m telling you, time really just evaporates. Kiss and hug your babies everyday, no matter how big they get.}IMG_2533{Susie with Jenna and Mimi. This is back when we were both single moms raising our children together. xoxo}

penelope silly bitch{I know…I know, another Penelope photo op. I can’t help myself.  I just think she is the cutest 4lb dog of the face of the planet}baby birds{A little family of finches outside my office doors. They make the sweetest little chirps; actually its more like beeps.} happy weekend{I’m loving my new tennis racquet. I’m pretty sure I’ll be kicking Brads ass this weekend.}xoxo, Julie

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