A few of my favorite things

a few of my favorite thingsHappy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a chill weekend at the beach. Especially after a rough nights sleep. I’m human, just like you. All of us have worries that can overwhelm us if we let them. Sometimes it’s just too difficult to shake off fears. My head was spinning with those kinds of thoughts. I literally tossed and turned all night until finally around 4:30am, “I’m like screw it…I should just get up” so I did.

I curled up on my patio with a blanket, a cup of coffee and a little dose of faith. I watched the sun come up, listened to the birds and trees signing as they welcomed the daylight. It was magical to take in the beauty of the sounds and sites in a quit space that was all my own.

It turns out that today is beautiful! A gift, no matter how rough my nights sleep was. It’s behind me now and I/we all have so much to be grateful for. Sincere Love to all of you “I wish you could hug people through a blog.”

20140704_111231{As usual, 4th of July at the beach, was a blast. Giant bubble guy was there all day}Lemon cream cheese roll{I made this lemon cream cheese wreath for the kids. It was sooo delish. If you want me to post it on the blog, please comment below and let me know. After all, I’ll do anything for you. Xoxo}Slate cheese board{I’m loving my little slate cheese plate}Penelope protesting{I know…another Penelope pic; I had too, she was protesting a bath. It took all my will-power to not add a comic bubble.}weekend of the 4th 2xoxo, Julie


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