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Candied apples{Mimi and her boyfriend Asher are soaking up the last few days of summer and to keep busy, they made caramel apples. Yum..right?}

Hi Loves, happy Friday! How was your week? Seriously…how was your week? Did it suck? Was it awesome? Did you meet any new people? Did a stranger do something nice for you? Did a puppy give you a tail wag because, he thinks you’re the greatest person in the world? Is it easy for you to find something happy in every day, every minute, every breath?

If not, then stop right now…go outside…breath deep…close your eyes…stand still…listen. Listen to your heartbeat. Stop thinking…stop thinking about shit. Start thinking about how happy you are to have this day…this moment…this life!

Every day is a gift. I’m sending my love and blessing to you. Have a happy weekend! Smooches
Randy, Julie and Roy{My sweet adorable brother Randy and I shared a little text moment with our Dad. xoxo} IMG_5194{Does anyone besides me remember these pencils? They reminded me of 6th grade and I had to have them.}{How cute is my little tea box form Lauryn and Mimi? Super-Cute!}the guest book{The cottage rental has brought so many beautiful people into our lives. I never could have imagined the amount of joy it would bring me to make other people happy by hosting their little vacation get away. Here are a few of the sweet notes left behind} Torrey Pines Seniors{Asher and Mimi, how cute are they? I know…too adorable, right?}xoxo, Julie

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