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favs 9 12{We all need to have pretty things around us. My new orchid is pure perfection.}

Happy Friday and hello weekend! As we say goodbye to the workweek, lets take a quick look at the week, people, memories and moments we leave behind. For me it’s more about the little things that surround me on a daily basis. Little moments, objects that held and hold the surprise of gratitude that would easily pass us by unless we really make ourselves stop and appreciate.

The sweetness from my 17-year-old daughter Mimi and her boyfriend Asher last weekend when we anticipated a humid thunderstorm. Mimi wanted to just be home and cozy. She asked me where all the board game were? I knew they were in storage…bummer! So, I ran out to the store grabbed monopoly, yatzee, cards, dice, battle ship, bubbles and a 1,500-piece puzzle. The boarder of the puzzle is done…all that’s left is 1,475 more pieces. I love it! It’s in the middle of the table, in the middle of the house, but I know it will be that spot over the next few weeks where we will all spend time together plugging away at little sections of the puzzle; a simple little blessing…right?

So, what I’m saying is, I know how lucky  I am to have a teenager who wants to be home and spend time with the family. Mimi is the last baby in the nest so; I’m appreciating every minute of her and this last year she wants to be home. Life is good! I’m sending my love and Gods blessing your way. I know some of you are dealing with stuff. I also know that not all of you have a teenager or kids who are crazy about spending time at home and honestly…you may be okay with that, because I know “trust me” that some kids can be giant pains in the ass. If this is you…have faith, be relentless with your vigilance and love…Love them unconditionally, but not in an enabling way. If strong faith is not in you life, this might be the right time to get some. What do you have to loose? Better yet, what might you gain? xoxox

sara's card{a sweet little inspiring note from darling Sara Christensen offering me encouragement with my 10lbs in 30 days}

garden roses 2{I do love me some garden roses, so pretty and they open up like peonies…only yellow}

puzz{I love that puzzles bring the family in the room to all gather around the table. Why don’t they make cutter puzzle? This ones a bunch of ships…whatever.}

hand painted and quilt{I’m obsessed with my hand stitched Kantha quilt. It’s so pretty and just the perfect pretty detail I wanted for my room. It inspired me to hand paint a few pillow that still need to be sewn. We shall see when they get done, because I hate sewing!}

xoxo, Julie

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