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 sunsets with friends{I’m missing all of my friends right now…it seems like our lives have been so busy that we can’t find enough time to get together. I do LOVE it when we do}

Happy Friday Loves! It’s been a weird week for me. I’m wondering how yours was? Or better yet…what’s up and fun for the weekend? Any fresh ideas out there?

What ever you have on your agenda, I hope it’s awesome, happy and fun! Smooches to you and have a perfectly fantastic weekend!

shit patrol{Thank God my family appreciates my sick humor. I posted this on the fridge when we go a notice from the City that they were shutting the water off to do a little City maintenance. I actually ended up being an entire day and night, but we survived}tiny apples{These a the tiny little perfect pink lady apples, smaller than a walnut…how flipping adorable are these?}portion control{My idea of portion control…lol!}mimi in the kitchen{Mimi in the kitchen always makes me happy! xoxo}i suck at cooking bacon{Yep, I suck at cooking bacon and always have. I don’t get it. All the cooking I do and I can’t manage bacon?} 

  1. Oh my Dear, I do confirm it’s been a weird week out here in Switzerland too… and we are not the only ones saying that! Wednesday was black moon and I’m wondering if that has something to do with it!
    Anyway, I love your sense of humor, you just crack me up! I see that in a lot of families, us Mamas are like th captain of the ship

    1. Hi Sherri,it never fails…if I think about you or wonder how your doing I get a sweet message from you. The black moon is fascinating. I was in such a funk that I could hardly get out of bed that day. Weird!

      I love that you stopped in and I’m sending you and your family love from me. xoxo

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