A few of my favorite things

flowers sWoot-woot it’s Friday. Did you look around today and recognize little moments of appreciation? Should I give you a little more time? Okay-do it now!

You feel better, don’t you? It’s pretty easy and doesn’t have to be giant memorable moments, just small pleasures that all add up to smiles in your life. For me…the joy I get behind the camera playing with exposure, backgrounds and content helps me be artistic and really feels exciting when I get the shot I’m after, even if the subject is a faux flower. Can you imagine how beautiful this shot would be with fresh flowers? All I can say is…coming soon!

Oh-and my ocean toy, Buddy…yes my ocean toy. You see, Brad body surfs and I do not, so If I’m going to hang out with him in the water without him slamming into a surf board, Buddy is my guy. Sure…I get those WFT looks, but WFT do I care. At least I’m not afraid to live life on my terms. It brings a whole new meaning to “Shark in the water,” right?
shark in the water{So the payback story goes like this. Several months ago Myles scared the sh*t out of me when he snuck up on me at the computer and SCREAMED BLAAAAAA behind me. After I started breathing again, I proclaimed that I would not forget and when he least expects a payback…the payback will come. “Fingers crossed that Myles doesn’t read the blog today”, so these little snacks are going to be discovered probably over the year in the most unexpected places. I’m cracking up telling you, because I got really creative. I’m sure I will only get a few REALLY GOOD screams out of Myles, but it just brings me so much delight to screw with him. “LOL-hee-ee-ee-hee.”.}paybacks

kash{Meet Kash…he’s belongs to my beautiful daughter Faye. She needed a little extra hand with a couple of crazy weeks ahead of her…so, I put up a huge stink about having to take care of another dog “seriously I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him” because, I’m busy too. Let me just tell you that my smile mussels hurt from watching his little bursting with personality 1 ½ LB body keep up the other dogs. The cutest flipping thing I have ever seen.}meet kashxoxo, Julie

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