a few of my favorite things

{my anniversary roses, they were truly spectacular and lasted all week}

Another week comes and goes.  It was filled with events.  Some great and some not so good.  “It’s a life”.  Take it one bite or day at a time.  I always get grounded and grateful when it’s time for me to do this post.  It’s amazing how good you feel when you take the time to look around you and appreciate the smallest things that bring you pleasure.  There really is some serious impact with actually stopping and smelling  the roses.        {my mini olive tree, it’s adorable.  I’m smitten with it’s cuteness}

{buttery chardonnay lover that I am,  this Match Book found (Bev-mo)is the bomb dizzle}

{my little new sea salt canister from Anthropologie}

{little tiny pumpkins everywhere, xoxo}

{you see that smirk on my face?  My Mother would have called it a shit eating grin, but to most, it’s a smirk.  It’s telling you “it’s Friday, at last and I’m up to no good”!}

Make your weekend eventful.  Sending my love to each and everyone of you. xoxo.

xoxo, Julie

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