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 Laura Spenser flea market fabulouse{So, Lara Spencer is yes, Lara Spencer, but I swear we have the same way of thinking, re-purposing and styling homes with treasures that find their way back from the dead when we get out hands on them. I can’t wait to curl up with her book, a glass of wine and tea lights everywhere; sounds awesome, right?}

Happy flipping Friday Lovelies! I hope you have some chill time scheduled into your weekend. I can tell you this…I sure do. I’m exhausted, and feel like I’ve been on a treadmill for seven days straight. It started last Friday with a fun a fabulous wedding for our Kasey and his bride Brenda, “the cutest, sweetest couple.” My phone didn’t fit in my purse; otherwise you would actually have snaps to see.

Saturday Brad had a catering event to promote our new restaurant…coming soon, smiles and wink ;0)! Sunday brought the painted out fireplace that I posted yesterday. It’s amazing the body pounding four hours on the floor will bring you, Geeezzz! The rest is a big blur of total business to include the Whole Foods Market event with my effortless entertaining class, all the deets coming next week.

Woot-woot, that leaves us with Happy Weekend! Have a blessed weekend. Do something kind for a total stranger; I promise, it will bring a big smile to your heart. Smooches loves xoxoxo
macaroons from Whole Foods Markets{I love Whole Foods Markets, not just because they bring us amazing organic food but also, because the level of service and customer care is so exceptional. These macaroons, BTW sooo delish were hand picked out for me for by a great employee “I suck with names” who was so absolutely committed to making me happy through the tempting windows of the dessert case.}white pumpkin with black and white ribbonn{There is something special about the pop of black and whit contrast when it’s used in the right way. These little pumpkins were a part of my effortless entertaining class and showed up to show off in just the right way.}volcano candle from anthro{Brad and I celebrated our Anniversary a few weeks ago and this little treasure of a candle came to us from Mimi and her boyfriend Asher. Not only is it sweet and thoughtful, but it happens to be my favorite candle on the face of the planet from Anthropologie…volcano.}
succulents{So, the perfect wedding I attended for Kasey and Brenda…well, Brad and I ended up designated to drive several people home, all who came with the little succulent pots from the place settings. Three people got out of the car without theirs “maybe they forgot, because I hid them?” who knows? Anyways, I appreciate the details, one because Kasey is a succulent landscaper and I love to see his stamp on the event and two because, Brenda plans events so beautifully with the details that count. It was perfect!}


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