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FlowersWoot-woot, it’s Friday! I’m looking forward to the weekend, as usual. However, it’s kind of odd that I love weekends so much. It used to be when I work as a corporate leader, the weekends were the only time I could chill, but now I work for myself, from home and honestly, I work all weekend. Anyways go figure, I think I’m just brainwashed.

I have been working on the details for Thanksgiving and can hardly wait to share with you next week.

I hope you do something fun this weekend and if you have an opportunity, be kind to a total stranger. It makes you smile on the inside and you never know whose day you can change in a big way… Smooches xoxo
Local Juice Co{I’m obsessed as in out of my mind obsessed Local Juice Co. I met the owner who was so kind when I told him about my autoimmune condition and he turned me onto one of his elixers. I’m not say it cured me, but I can tell you that it totally made me feel better and even calmed my mouth. The Local Juice Co delivers locally and can ship anywhere. They also picks up the bottles…no waste, I love that.}

Scent of fall is in the house{The smell of fall is all through the house, oranges, apple cider, Cinnamon and nutmeg. Can you smell it?}

perfectly poached egg{My morning breakfast, a perfectly pouched egg, yum!}

Encinitas beach at sunrise{My morning walks as so beautiful. I don’t wont a day to ever pass without me appreciating how lucky I am and how amazing God the touch of his beauty everywhere.}


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