A few of my favorite things

Rancho santa fe farmers market

{Above, the Rancho Santa Fe farmers market, it’s awesome!}

Hi Loves Happy Friday. Isn’t life amazing that each day-week-month-year we can find appreciation everywhere we look? I know I’m a little spoiled living at the beach, but beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

This week I took the time to look around. Take in the small things. Like a trip with Brad to the Rancho Santa Fe farmers market or the sheer giggles I get when I’m all alone and dragging Penelope everywhere I go. She has this way of looking at me with this kind of emotionless look. When I look at here I swear she is mumbling under her breath…Crazy Lady!

Any-who, Brad and I are off to see American Sniper tonight “can’t wait.” And a big weekend ahead with an Oscar party and no doubt a few shenanigans and maybe a margarita or two as well.

I love you for being here with me…seriously, I love you! Please have a beautiful and blessed weekend. Smooches, xoxo

my camera spot

{My little camera station, seeing all my gear inspires me}

today view

{My Ocean view. I just snapped this for you. I ran outside in the middle of this post. It’s a little gray, but still always beautiful}


{Mark you ballots, here is a link to the printable version}

shopping with Penelope

{What kind of a crazy lady puts her dog in a cart and takes it into the dressing room with her at Marshall’s? Oh-ya, that would be me. BTW is it me or does Penelope look a little like Phillis Diller?}

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