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Happy Friday!  As much as I love Fridays, I never like to let the work week end without taking a moment to appreciate what blessings surround me.  Above is the drive I  make every morning  to take Mimi to school  through Rancho Santa Fe.  It’s breathtaking!  Some mornings are misty with the sun streaming through the trees.  Everyday is different.  It’s maybe a three mile drive, but every foot and turn I drive has another beautiful surprise awaiting me.  Everyday is a new event as I make my way into my day.

Love to all of you and make your weekend eventful.  Don’t forget to LIKE me on facebook. xoxo

{the perfect little rose colored bud vase was almost a toss away.  So glad Brad saw the beauty and kept it}

{my perfect full skirt, so Audrey}

{Penelope playing shy and all messy from a day with Murphy the Lab outside}

{me on Friday about 5:10PM.  Hello is anyone home?}xoxo, Julie

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