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Happy Friday !  I’m looking forward to a few days off.  I hope my brain will actually let me get some rest.  This is not likely to happen.  So…anyway,  I never like the week to pass without appreciating some of the small, simple or amazing blessings that are a part of making everyday eventful and special.  My new coffee table book has mesmerized me all week.  It started on Sunday along with a warm cup of tea.  Then the book made it’s way into my 1.25 or 1.50 readers on a daily basis.  There is no such thing as enough kinesthetic reading pleasure for me.  You have seen my office space, right? I have three computers, two iphones, and one ipad.  What I need to really enjoy is a book ruffling  through my fingers.  I adore  page after page of enjoyment.   It  starts with me  playing with the edges of the page and just before I finish reading the last paragraph, the  page is almost turned.  It’s all about the little things.  xoxo and make everyday an event!{Murphy, our 90% human, 10% dog.  He hates the cone, but love’s to knock it off by bumping into everything.  He successfully hid it in the yard once this week.  Brad asked him to fetch his cone.  He did…  He may be human, but he’s still a Lab}

{My seasonal scent on the stove.  Yum, I love this time of year.}

{We are Californian’s, the opportunity to light the fire is almost a holiday}

{I always have my eye on something.  Make the weekend eventful!}xoxo, Julie


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