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Hello Lovies!  I’m sorry for going missing.  I’m in the middle of a very hard time and my health is just not good.  I took a little rest from everything.  Sometimes when I’m not feeling my happy perky self, I look back at times that make me smile on the inside and out.  I adore the picture of Mimi and Jenna from our trip last year.  They’re   just so fricken adorable with their glowing orange lips.   The want to be beer cooler carved out of pumpkin for Halloween, or the memory of Myles and his friends still gathering around my table to carve pumpkins “love that.”  Just sharing little pieces of my word that make each day of my life eventful, even in the smallest way.  Love to all and Happy Friday!

{Not as easy at it looks}

{Myles, Phillip and Jonathan.  May they always have their inner child}

{Me, Mimi, Susie and Jenna from our trip to our home town @ Dewars}

{Cardiff fall sunset, just breathtaking}

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