ahi and avocado salad

ahi salad

Remember last week when I said, I hope you like salad? That’s because I’m totally into salad and light eating.  This is not to say I eat this way all the time, but for now I’m on a bikini body mission.  I was doing fantastic until Mimi, Lauren and Alex came home from school today and made oat mill cookies. I only had two. Okay, I lied, I had 3 and yes I’m counting.   This salad is so easy and completely delicious. I took a logical short cut and bought seared ahi tuna all ready prepared to perfection from our coastal favorite, Seaside Market. They do is so good and right, why try to recreate the wheel…  Any-who the recipe is below and I promise this is a showstopper.  xoxo

seared ahiavocado ahi saladseared ahi saladahi tuna salad

  1. Love the blog! I recommend cutting down on the sugar and oils in your salads. One of my fav. basic recipes for dressing is:

    Celery Salt
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    Dijon Mustard
    Squeeze lemon
    Vegetable Oil (works better in this dressing than Olive oil)
    Dash of Balsamic Vinegar

    This tastes delicious over arugula, butter lettuce and spinach. I usually add a Maui sweet onion, a little bit of avocado and a chopped strawberry or watermelon chunks. For the sinful version you can had a few goat cheese crumbles (Chèvre from Whole Foods).

    It is addicting and has less sodium/salt and all the things that make us bloated!

    1. Hi Salad Queen! I love the recommendation and thanks so much. We all appreciate a little help. Lighter is always better…

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