anniversary weekend

burlap and crystal weddingThis weekend is our anniversary. I didn’t have the blog the year we were married, so in celebration I thought I would share our fun and fantastic wedding with you. We rented out an entire park. We had everything…dancing, games, outdoor living rooms, fantastic fun, food; It was a blast! We were all so happy to become a family and I can say with all my heart, we are all still so happy today. Happy Anniversary!  smooches and xoxokate spade burlap and crystal wedingburlap and crystal weddingburlap and crystal weddingburlap and crystal weddingburlap and crystal weddingburlap and crystal weddingThe Evartsburlap and crystal wedding Burlap and Crystal weddingburlap and crystal wedding lobsterburlap and crystal weddingburlap and crystal weddingburlap and crystalBurlap and Crystal weddingxoxo, Julie

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  1. Loved your post today Julie. I can’t believe the kids! Your wedding was beautiful and you guys are one of my favorite couples. Happy Anniversary to you and Brad

  2. Hi Julie,

    I just love love love your wedding pictures, you are such an adorable family ;-D Happy anniversary!
    I’m intrigued by your Green shoes☺️ Is there a story behind? I have been following you for a while , you are so full of energy !


    1. Hi Sherri, You are so sweet! We do have a lot of fun and yes there is a story with the shoes. First I love all things Kate Spade and I feel in love with the green at first sight. The wedding and the reception were outside, so I thought the green would stand up to the grass and it did. xoxo

  3. Hi Julie!

    Thank you so much for answering my question! I’ve heard of Kate Spade, I love fashion! I live in Switzerland and miss California so much! The weather here is a bit cool and grey these days. Thank you for sharing I would love to meet you someday! I have 3 children, 1 boy Jesse 19, 2 girls 12 and 8, Kimberley and Amy Lynn and a dog Nicky

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