Appetizer flash back

IMG_9750-Version-2-868x1024{Fig and brie pastry}

Howdy Monday, is it just me or are does it suck that weekends only have two days? Ya-ya, I know today its Columbus Day and some people get today off, but that definitely doesn’t apply to a blogger.

Okay we all know where I’m going with this…I’m going to quit my poor-poor pitiful me routine before I actually get my panties in a bunch.

So, remember in August I shared with you my Father passed away? Well, today we are finally acknowledging his life and the amazing man/father/husband/Grandfather/friend/neighbor/boss he was. It’s been really hard having him gone, but even harder waiting this long to celebrate his life. I guess the truth is, there is no easy way to goodbye.

Any-who, having said that, today I’m heading out and thought I would give you a little appetizer flash-back. With the holidays quickly approaching many of you will with hosting, gathering or attending celebrations with friends and family, so here are some go to recipes to help you out. Smooches loves and see you tomorrow. xoxo
.IMG_0448-1024x753{Bruschetta fresh and organic}101-1024x764{Pear perfection appetizer}IMG_7737-1024x682{Organic heirloom mozzarella sandwiches}IMG_0118-1024x728{Stuffed Avocado BLT}IMG_6865-1024x662{Grilled balsamic artichoke}roasted brussel sprouts recipe{Roasted brussels sprouts}IMG_2680-1024x682{Stuffed goat cheese and pesto tomatoes}

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