asparagus crescent papoose, mondays menu

asparagus papoose appitizerSo, Monday’s menu goes like this. Mimi…Mom I’m going to want a snack after my run, what do we have? Me, Hmm…I’ll come up with something. Me, how long is your run? Mimi, almost an hour; so you have time to figure it out…

Use what you have and make what you can. I have asparagus, I have Pillsbury crescent rolls, cheese, olive oil, homemade hidden valley ranch dressing and imagination.  Asparagus crescent papoose with ranch dressing. Yum and all gone. asparagus with olive oilasparagus grilledcheeseasparagus papoose appitizerasparagus cressent papooseaspargus cressent papoosexoxo, Julie

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