avocado toast, as in awesome avocado toast

avocado toastavocado toastI already know what you’re thinking…your thinking you want to have some.  Sorry, it’s all gone, but what you can have is the recipe so you can make it for yourself (said Julie warring a smile and a wink).

I came up with the motivation for this toast yesterday while out to brunch. Brad and I split an order of avocado toast with egg at Davanti. It was delicious and put me on a mission to create my own. Drum roll please…avocado toast with pesto goat cheese and roasted tomatoes…now known as awesome avocado toast. The real secret here is good quality ingredients. The bread has to be amazing, like Bread and Cie. The goat cheese is critical so I used the best, Drake family farms artisan farmstead goat cheese “yum” and of course I only use California avocados and homemade pesto from Seaside market. Let me know when you give this try? Smooches and have a great evening.

P.S. bachelorette season finale…can’t wait!
drake goat cheesetomatostoasted breadpesto goat cheesestuffed goat cheese tomatoavocado toastxoxo, Julie

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